SPEAKER: Stand Out When You Stand Up & Speak (6 Week Programme)



Please note that this is a small group program so places are limited.


It’s here – the long-awaited Speaker Programme. This isn’t just about Public Speaking, it’s far more than that and looks at all the different scenarios where you can speak.

It’s well known that to quickest way to gain visibility is to Speak and I’m going to show you how.

Speaker: Stand Out When You Stand Up and Speak

Sandra Garlick MBEWhen I started speaking I put my audience to sleep. That was over two decades ago. I’ve spoken to audiences large and small, hosted events, featured on radio, TV, podcasts, video, and so much more.

Yes, I’m delivering this personally in a small group environment so you will get plenty of input and support directly from me. When I say small group, I mean a very small group as I want to work with everyone personally.

The result:  You’ll be way ahead of your game, have that all important confidence and be able to wow your audience every time you speak.

Speaking uses the ‘one to many’ principle and if you can speak, then it opens so many more visibility opportunities for you. It’s a great way to grow your audience, quickly.

Now, I know speaking isn’t for everyone. In fact, I know that many people fear public speaking or feel sick at the thought.

Is that you?

However, did you know that everyone can speak, you just need to find the speaking platform and the technique that works for you.

If you noticed, I didn’t say ‘public speaking’ because there are so many other ways to ‘speak’ to your audience.

Now you actually speak every day, and unless you’ve taken a vow of silence, you speak to your family, friends, colleagues, clients, and a host of other speaking interactions every day.

Speaking is just about extending that one-to-one interaction to groups of people. It’s far easier than you think and I’ll help you build up your confidence and provide you with everything you need to do it time and time again.

Speaker is a whole 6-weeks of learning and discovering all kinds of speaker interactions, how to craft your signature keynote, plus all the tips, tools, tricks, and types of speaker engagement you can use to maximise your visibility.

So here’s what Speaker is all about…

Now, this isn’t just about learning how to speak confidently without notes. You’ll get that.

Plus, you’ll get all my knowledge, tips, and techniques about delivery, content, and how to structure your keynote for maximum impact.

You’ll also get tips about speaking on Video, Radio, Podcasts, Interview techniques, speaking to the Media, and how to secure a TedX. We’ll look at every speaking interaction you can use to boost your visibility and become the go-to person in your niche.

Plus, I’ll be sharing how to get those all-important speaking opportunities.

This is a Beta Programme and therefore attendees will be limited so that I can work with you individually as well as a group. This isn’t one of those mass programmes… you’ll get plenty of interaction with me throughout.

Here’s the plan:

1⃣  First, we look at the purpose of speaking and the various platforms available to you

2⃣  We work on your content and messaging to make sure you know exactly what you should be saying, to who, and how

3⃣  Then we identify ways to help you speak confidently without notes

4⃣  You’ll gain clarity on what you need to do, how to do it, and when

5⃣  And finally we map out your Keynote and have a Graduation Party to celebrate

Plus: You get access to all the training and recordings (for life), plus any resources you need to make your strategy work like a dream

Plus: You also get access to me live once a week and throughout the 6-weeks in a dedicated Private Facebook Group


What’s more, everything you learn over these six weeks is going to set you up forever, as all of this content is simple, repeatable, and effective! Once you have the tools, you can use them over and over again.


Speaker is exactly what you need if you want to

🙋 attract more clients, quickly

🙋 boost your visibility to new heights

🙋 You’re ready to take massive action and get results


So here’s what happens next…

Speaker kicks off with a Welcome and Orientation session on Zoom.  We then start the Programme the following week and we’ll meet every week for the next 6 weeks.

Everything is recorded and will also be featured in a special Private Facebook Group for you to watch on replay, as many times as you wish. You’ll receive a weekly email with a link to the recording, plus a Workbook. Plus, I will be on hand throughout, during the live delivery and in the group to support you throughout the 6 weeks, and beyond.

As this is a Beta Programme, I am limiting the number of attendees, and offering this at this one-off discounted rate. When the Programme runs again, it will be £997. So this is your best opportunity to get more of my personal input in a small group.


The cost:

The full price of the Programme is £697 (Monthly payment options available).

Interested? Simply click the link to sign up, and you’ll receive a confirmation by email. You will also receive a series of follow-up emails so that you can get started straight away, rather than twiddle your thumbs during the next few weeks.


The dates:

There is a Welcome & Orientation at 7.00pm on Wednesday 31st January 2024.

Your 6-week Speaker Programme commences on Wednesday 7th February and is held each week at 7.00pm with the final session taking place on Wednesday 13th March.

Each session is recorded and sent to you within 24 hours.



If you sign up and pay in full you will receive:

  • A 20 minute 121 session with Sandra Garlick MBE
  • Opportunity to feature on the Woman Who Chat Podcast to boost your visibility
  • A copy of I Am A Woman Who
  • Template Speaker Contract


Got a question, simply get in touch


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