2019 Finalists and Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Woman Who Achieves Awards Finalists.  Please congratulate them and show them your support.

The Finalists in each Category were announced on International Women’s Day at the Woman Who Inspires Network at Coombe Abbey. The Winners will be announced at the Awards Lunch on Friday 7th June 2019

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The 2019 Finalists are:

Woman Who Achieves Start Up Category

Sponsored by FSB (East Midlands)@FSBEastMids

  • Anita Hill, Comfyse @comfyse
  • Victoria Prew, HURR Collective @hurrcollective
  • Kam Parker, K Fitness & Nutrition @KFitnessandNut1
  • Elise Sullivan, Beau Boo Beauty
  • Rachael Whittaker, Little Wedding Treasures

Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Category (Products)

Sponsored by AVAILABLE

  • Julie Colan, Secret Whispers @SecretWhisperss
  • Alice Hibbert, Alice Stewart Jewellery
  • Sue Tonks, HydroVeg Kits @HydroVegKits

Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Category (Services)

Sponsored by Sky Blues in the Community @SBiTC_CCFC

  • Karen Green, Food Mentor @KG_foodmentor
  • Jude Jennison, Leaders by Nature @judejennison
  • Dr Anna Molony, Ingenium IP
  • Jas Rohel, Education Awards @AwardsEducation
  • Alison Ward, Alison Ward Training @alisonwdmentor

Woman Who Achieves Micro Business Category

Sponsored by FSB (West Midlands) @FSBWestMid

  • Emma C Browning, Meraki HR @emmacbrowning
  • Clare Farrell, Northfield Wealth @northfieldIFA
  • Louise White, Body Lipo Lincoln @BodyLipoLincoln
  • Joanne Williams, Joco @joco_gifts

Woman Who Achieves Growing SME Category

Sponsored by Leask Accountancy Solutions @JuliaLeask

  • Claire Bartlett, Arden Bookkeeping @ArdenBookSol
  • Kat Carrick, Concierge Medical @Conciergemedic
  • Debbie Heron, Roundabout Hinckley @RoundaboutHinck
  • Julianne Ponan, Creative Nature @julianneponan
  • Victoria Shears, The Rustic Food Company @TheRusticFoodCo
  • Joanne Williams, Joco @joco_gifts

Woman Who Achieves Inspiring and Outstanding Leader Category

Sponsored by PET-Xi Training @petxitraining

  • Helena Flowers, Andel Plastics @andelplastics
  • Kathryn Moon, Gallagher @GallagherCovKat
  • Nicol Nightingale-Spears, Fothergill Wyatt @Pincnic84
  • Trish Willetts, Coventry Bid @trishwilletts
  • Joanne Williams, Joco @joco_gifts

Woman Who Achieves Outstanding Team Member Category

Sponsored by Coombe Abbey Hotel @CoombeAbbey

  • Polly George, Creative Nature @CreativeNature
  • Deborah Perry, The Belfry Resort @thebelfryhotel
  • Sarah Young, Imaginate Creative @tillyridge

Woman Who Achieves Scale Up Category

Sponsored by Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank @cybgplc

  • Claire Bartlett, Arden Bookkeeping @ArdenBookSol
  • Kat Carrick, Concierge Medical @Conciergemedic
  • Julianne Ponan, Creative Nature @julianneponan
  • Jules White, Live it, Love it, Sell it @livelovesellit

Woman Who Achieves and Innovates through STEM Category

Sponsored by Aesthetics Event Staff @AestheticsEvent

  • Helena Flowers, Andel Plastics @andelplastics
  • Rebecca Martin, Teddy-cation
  • Sue Tonks, HydroVeg Kits @HydroVegKits
  • Louise White, Body Lipo Lincoln @BodyLipoLincoln

Woman Who Achieves Internationally Category

Sponsored by Gallagher @GallagherCovDeb

  • Julie Colan, Secret Whispers @secretwhisperss
  • Marina Ibrahim, Bizz Buzz Intercultural Consultancy @bizzbuzz_coach
  • Dr Anna Molony, Ingenium IP
  • Jules White, Live it Love it Sell it @livelovesellit

Woman Who Achieves for a Charity Category

Sponsored by Alsters Kelley Solicitors Limited

  • Charlotte Downing, Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice
  • Tracey Hallam, Hope Against Cancer @hopeagnstcancer
  • Sue McEniff, Charity Link @CharityLink
  • Cheryll Rawbone, The Friendship Project @FriendshipProj

Woman Who Achieves for a Social Enterprise Category

Sponsored by Alsters Kelley Solicitors Limited

  • Carol Donnelly, Coventry Priory @CiCPriory
  • Heidi Fisher, Make an Impact CIC @Heidilfisher
  • Nishi Mehta & Sally Dhillon, Career-Mums CIC @career_mums
  • Dr Asha Patel, Innovating Minds CIC @InnovatingM

Woman Who Achieves through Networking Category

Sponsored by HydroVeg Kits @HydroVegKits

  • Amanda Bourne, FAB Networking @Findabizuk
  • Jo Brooks, Cov Hour @covhour
  • Karen Heap & Associates, Socially Shared Business Network @socially_shared
  • Holly Nixon, Ta-Dah! Virtual Assistant Services @tadahva
  • Elaine Pritchard, Caittom Publishing Limited @EllaJP
  • Sarah Southall, The Belfry Resort @sarahcuer
  • Vicky Stanton, The Business Success Coach @vicky_stanton

Woman Who Change Champion for Women in Business Category 

Sponsored by Kelly Louise Occasions

  • Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, Réseau InterCulturel Des Femmes @ruby_bakshi
  • Teresa Boughey, Jungle HR @junglejayne21
  • Sally Dhillon & Nishi Mehta, CM Talent Ltd @cmtalent1
  • Alison Ward, Alison Ward Training @alisonwdmentor

Woman Who Achieves Rising Star Category Finalists

Sponsored by Coventry University and Imaginate Creative

  • Rebecca Akers, Capellas Nurseries
  • Francesca Graff, Myton School
  • Alexis Griffin, Rolls Royce
  • Stephanie Haynes, HORIBA MIRA
  • Hayley Holland, Warwickshire College Group
  • Marie Isaacs, JLR
  • Imogen Lomas, Kingsley School
  • Martha Sandford, Kings High
  • Sophie Watkins, Derby University


Meet the Women in Business Finalists

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